Bolted clamps for LV-ABC lines

Bolted clamps for LV-ABC lines

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Offered Bolted Clamps are specifically organized to anchor the self supporting LV-ABC lines. Employed as the universal solutions of suspension and anchoring, these proffer suitable operation in low voltage insulated overhead lines. Offered LV ABC accommodations are applicative for self-supporting low-voltage cables combined with 2 or 4 insulated elevated conductors. The minimum breaking load of these clamps is more than wedge made of plastic and aluminum. These are bigger than those and are featured with galvanized metal parts, which are immune to weather and UV rays. Utilized on smaller diameter couplings, these proffer advanced hydrostatic performance. These suffice as the suitable lubricants, which assist in reducing friction and increasing the screw efficiency. Offered fastening solutions prevent the galling related to stainless steel. Capable to be tightened, these provide optimal performance in all of their applications. Precisely configured for mounting and holding the taut cables, these are the types of PA-4*(10-50).

Offered bolted clamps can be divided to :

  • Anchoring clinches for self-supportive LV-ABC lines
  • Suspension or anchor clamps for service cables
  • Anchor clinches for service cables

Provided mount systems enable the installations with LV brackets and LV ABC hooks. Anchoring clamps and LV ABC suspension hooks are available either separately or conjointly as assembly. These have passed the tensile tests and come with a operation experience with temperatures compassing from 60°C up to +60°C test. The products have also passed the tests of aging, temperature cycling, corrosion resistance etc.

Provided low voltage ancillaries adapt to the standard of CENELEC EN 50483-2.

Operative technique :

Section the conductors between the wedge shapes. The self opening provision is accomplished by the springs, which aid in keeping the clamp in an open position during the time of installation. Pull the insulators in the strain clamp and then upstream them to the poles so as to tensile the aerial bundled wire. Then, tighten the nut in a proper manner, until the required torque will be ranged.

Key features :

  • Proffered with an optimal locking mechanism.
  • Render leak-proof connections in a wide ambit of commercial, industrial and military applications.
  • Available with increased tensile strength, extended durability and best corrosion resistance.
  • Perfect choices for medium as well as heavy-duty applications.


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