Fiber Optic Splice

Fiber Optic Splice

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Fiber Optic Splice is based on the process of fusion splicing that is used for connecting two fiber optic cables together with their ends using heat. Splice helps prevents the passing light during fusion from scattering. This is done to ensure that the region and the splice renders enough strength, similar to that of a virgin fiber. As mentioned above, heat is for connecting the ends of fiber, the source of heat is an electric arc that can be a gas flame, laser or tungsten filament that works by passing electric current through it. Fiber Optic Splice is basically made using two fixtures that help in mounting the fibers and other two electrodes.

The process of splicing includes the bulletined below procedure:

  • Determining the characteristics to be used during this process
  • Splice closure and other supplementary kit is thoroughly checked
  • Installation of cable in an oval outlet
  • Fibers are organized in the tray
  • Heat-shrinkable sleeve is installed and tested

Type Dimension Weight, kg Fibers Inputs Cable diameter Splice model
GJS-02-D Φ178 x 300 1.8 48 4 (3 round + 1 oval) 3 x 16.1 x (25 x 44) 37