IPC/Insulation Piercing Connector

IPC/Insulation Piercing Connector

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Our offered Insulation Piercing Connector can be easily install using LV-ABC line, self-supporting cable system, branch conductors, insulated neutral messenger and aluminum. A connection can be established using the process of insulation without stripping of cable. The mentioned connectors are helpful to be applicable in the areas that require repeated installation of branch lines. With the help of a bolt, it can easily be used for making a contact with line. In the IPC Piercing Connector, the main line is always fixed using a shear head bolt tightening control that ensures all the required pressures are reached safely through shearing off.

Key Points:

  • Renders durability and reliability for having long lasting effects.
  • Screw should be tightened enough to render the nearest insulation
  • Ideal choice for the street lightning and LV networks
  • Analogs: CD71, JBD, P71


Type Main line, mm2 Branch line, mm2 Torque, N*m Weight, kg
P1-71 AL 35 - 95 4 - 50 10 0.11