Preformed Suspension Clamp

Preformed Suspension Clamp

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We deal in Preformed Suspension Clamps, which are normally utilized as the assemblies of covered conductors and transmission line bare conductors. These can substitute the compression type dead end strain clamps and current bolt type clamps and. Commonly made of aluminum alloy, aluminum clad steel, galvanized steel and copper covered steel, these are incorporated with firm preformed parts and can give adequate grip strength to AAC, AAAC, ACSR, steel wire, copper conductor etc. These have an appropriate conductor size and are composed with the utilization of metal sheath, preformed wire, fixed blade, rubber pad, washers, bolt nuts etc. Normally Preformed Suspension Clamps can be assembled with link plates, socket clevis, and other clevis.

Key Points :

  • Appropriate for long transmission line.
  • Proffered with better mechanical execution after splicing.
  • Capable to recover 100% original tension strength.
  • Provided with good electrical conductivity, excellent anti-corosion, better fatigue characteristics and simple maintenance.
  • Suspension clench for ADSS, is ranged to 50 meters and above.


Length of cable span, m

Diameter clamped cable, mm

Reinforced rod

L, mm

< 50

12.9 / 14.1