Suspension clamp PS-270 for self-supporting LV-ABC lines

Suspension clamp PS-270 for self-supporting LV-ABC lines

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Offered specific PS-270 series of LV ABC suspension camps is assembled for the suspension of 2 or 4- core LV ABC instruments to walls or towers poles, for angles beyond 30°. Capable to be tightened without the need of any implement, the SS clips of these give total protection to the clamps and enable an elementary installations with the modular brackets, LV ABC hooks, pigtails etc. PS-270 Suspension clamps made for their application in self-supporting LV-ABC lines are available can be delivered individually or conjointly as the assembly. Made with weather as well as UV resistant fiberglass strengthened plastic parts, these insure a long-lasting serviceability in all of their applications.

Key Points :

  • Rapid setups can be continued by adjusting the fastener without the utilization of special instruments.
  • The metal components included are resistant to corrosion and rust, make the operational flow more accurate.
  • Perfect functionality in all surrounds as well as environments.
  • Accessible with conspicuous strength, drawn-out durability and safety features.

Analogs : USC, SO-270, Z 2050, PSP-25/120

TypeCable size, mm2MBL, kNWeight. kgMaterial
PS-2702-4 x (25 - 120)70.150plastic